“We know from experience that every colour radiates a unique mood.”

J.W. von Goethe

Imola Szokai-Máthé, DI 
Graphic designer, Art therapy group leader

“We know from experience that every colour radiates a unique mood.”

J.W. von Goethe

Imola Szokai-Máthé, DI 
Graphic designer, Art therapy group leader

“We know from experience that every colour radiates a unique mood.”

J.W. von Goethe

Imola Szokai-Máthé, DI 
Graphic designer, Art therapy group leader

“Real art is not something that comes through only to the extent that one can absorb it intellectually and spiritually, but rather is what makes one grow, develop and heal. Real art has always been a healing magic potion.”

Rudolf Steiner

My groups

Kolibri2 - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The hummingbird

Love. Courage. Authenticity

Colours surround us. We live with them, we change with them. When spring arrives we bloom together with the flowers, the world becomes more colourful and we also feel more colourful. The freshness of nature, the warmth of red, the cheerfulness of yellow, the calmness of green etc. all become feelings in us, the colours create mood.
The shades of colours we hold dear relax and recharge us. With their energy they light up the entire space, where it is pleasant to be because we feel at home, and our body, soul and spirit are able to develop in natural calmness.

My pictures

The world of the meditative energy pictures

My pictures are prepared through an intensive energetic and artistic work with the client in order to produce a picture which, even in everyday life, is uplifting, and makes its viewers happy. This way the soul develops, the intellect widens and the body heals of their own accord.

Here on the colour palette of the cosmos, soul landscapes are born which if examined boldly, we return lovingly to ourselves, the source, and then at one with ourselves, we can look into the universe.

Digitális grafikák

A fentiek szellemében logók és háttérillusztrációk készítését is örömmel vállalom nyomtatott és online felületekre egyaránt.

Pegazus - digitális grafika - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Mert láttuk csillagát - digitális grafika - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Mert láttuk csillagát


The method which results in a lightly exhaling painting reflects the colour palette of nature and the atmosphere, and we can see the colours as they really are, and at the same time glowing in the presence of one another: the approaching light passes through the transparent glazes, and as it is reflected, it glints the colours on the white paper. This way the aquarelle becomes airy and softly glowing.

…For it consists from nothing more than the trinity of paper woven by creative energy, pigment and water…

Most of our body is water as well, so this is how it connects us to the world, nature and atmosphere surrounding us. This is why we recharge and relax, why we feel good around these pictures, this is why we enjoy looking at them. It is worthwhile to be submerged in the world of these pictures again and again, as the colour effects of the painting change with the daily and seasonal changes of the Sun’s path, it changes with the changes of the quality of light. It delights our soul with miracle to be discovered every day.

My paintings are prepared at natural light, without heat treatment, on 100% cold-pressed cotton paper, with soft water and high quality paint, in a calm natural environment.

Tobzódás a hegyekben - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
In the mountains
Karácsony - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
A kozmosz virága - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Blossom of the cosmos
Szenteste - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Christmas eve
Egységben - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Tűzlény akvarell Szokai-Máthé Imola
The fairy of the fire
Tanítók és angyalok - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Teachers and angels
Húsvét - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Úton - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
On the road
Kálvária - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Rózsa - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Tóparton - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
At the lake
I am the light
Kozmikus hajnal - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Cosmic morning dawn
Tündérálom - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The dream of the fairy
Szeretet- akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Újév - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
New year
Nyár a tavon - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Summer on the lake
Soli Deo Gloria - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
Soli Deo Gloria
Az ige - Szokai-Máthé Imola akvarellje
The verse
Lilith - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Yin-Yang akvarellkép megrendelésre
A lét és az ember - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The man and the being
Jóga - akvarell - Szokai-Máthé Imola

Charcoal drawings

Kálvária - Szokai-Máthé Imola szénrajza
Találkozás - Szokai-Máthé Imola szénrajza
The meeting
Erdei Bogyósok - szénrajz Szokai-Máthé Imola
Forest fruits
Ütközet után - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
After a battle
Repülj - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Flying away
Morfogenezis - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Jóga és tigris - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Yoga and tiger
Ébredés - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Soli Deo Gloria - Szokai-Máthé Imola szénrajza
Soli Deo Gloria
Hit - Szokai-Máthé Imola szénrajza
Erdei séta szénrajz Szokai-Máthé Imola
Woodland walk
Tündérvillanás - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Tavirózsa - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Létköz - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The thought of being
Ying-Yang szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Kolibri - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The hummingbird
Gyülekezés - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The meeting
Buborék - Szokai-Máthé Imola szénrajza
Jelenés - Szokai-Máthé Imola szénrajza
Virágok - szénsatír Szokai-Máthé Imola
Őrangyal - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
The guardian angel
Mihály Arkangyal - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Archangel Michael
Hajnalban- szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Morning dawn
A víz felett - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Above the water

Új technika

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Ütközet után - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Ütközet után
Tündérvillanás - szénsatír - Szokai-Máthé Imola
Virágok - szénsatír Szokai-Máthé Imola

About me

Szokai-Máthé Imola
DI Imola Szokai-Máthé

„Love, courage, authenticity:
Above the clouds the sun always shines. „

We are born into this Earth to develop through our experiences, and by fulfilling our higher missions to make it better.
Our journey is lifelong learning. Souls escort us and we escort others, realising that the happiness we wish for is the journey itself, for we are the real source of our happiness here and now. In this way we become people capable of giving love, and this is when we can truly accept love.

I embarked on this long journey, and the love of nature made me become a landscape architect/artist for we come from nature which, to some extent is our destination. I designed natural living areas and painted, and I was getting closer and closer to the spiritual and energetic basis of the unity of man and nature, through the methods of feng shui, space clearing and the world of energy plants and spiritual response therapy.

This is when I came across the unique painting technique of English painter and painting therapist Liane Collot d’Herbois, whose technique not only has an aesthetic effect, but also a stimulating one on spiritual development and self-healing: it helps harmonize the body, soul and spirit.

With the encouragement of my dear teachers, friends and clients, I have gradually moved away from landscape design and focused more on the artistic portrayal of inner landscapes, the landscapes of the souls.

For our micro-cosmos is nothing else but the macro-cosmos itself.
Everything is one – Everything is energy – As are colours – Cosmos and Colours.

With much gratitude to my role models and teachers:
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe und Rudolf Steiner;
Liane Collot d’Herbois, Ernst Fuchs, Kazimiro di Rónay, Roland Tiller, Reingard Kopsa and Éva Ujváry.